Philadelphia police beating is not as bad as Rodney King

You’ve heard it by now.

Fox 29 captured an 11-minute video following a Philadelphia police chase that ended with officers punching and kicking three men, suspected of a drive-by shooting minutes prior.

In case you’re smart enough to avoid cable news, you might not realize that the story is being recycled again and again each news hour with new perspectives with the same information. Here’s the footage discussed with a New York City lawyer on CNN.

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The Sons of Ben: Philadelphia soccer fans benefiting Chester

As filed – without edits – for today’s edition of the Philadelphia Business Journal.

BRINGING A PROFESSIONAL SOCCER TEAM to Chester may have little to do with bringing professional soccer to Chester.

In February, Philadelphia was officially granted Major League Soccer’s 16th franchise, to be played in a 20,000-seat, soccer-specific stadium that is leading a major waterfront renovation in Chester. The Sons of Ben, a group of soccer fans eager for Philadelphia to join the growing league that formed in January 2007, led the excitement that surrounded speculation preceding the announcement. Now that their mission to bring the world sport to the city has been completed, they’ve taken to bettering the community of 36,000 that will house their still unnamed Philadelphia soccer franchise.

“Once it was announced that the stadium would be in Chester and the funding would be all set, we reached out for a way to get involved,” said Bryan James, Sons of Ben president and founding member.

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Tony Lain is dead

By Christopher Wink | May 06, 2008

There is a suddenness to life in this city.

Surely it is exaggerated in the minds of those who live mostly in fears of their own creation. Four hundred dead of 1.5 million isn’t anything to the pain and poverty of many in this world, but murders on the streets of Philadelphia require a viciousness that can’t possibly come naturally.

The stories come and seem to portray great tragedies in their crushing art.

Tony Lain was a 42-year-old married father of two from Mayfair, a neighborhood of runaways from the gritty, urban decay of Kensington’s old Irish Catholic blocks.

He worked for Petro Oil in Southhampton, a working class man of flaws and simplicities.

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Finals: Michael Jordan flu game in 1997

I rarely go a day without posting something, however, it is an extremely rough week. The last finals week of my college career. So, because it will be slow, I’ll give you other “Finals” themed fodder.

Here, your man Michael Jordan in the 1997 NBA finals. Game 5, our hero had been suffering flu-like symptoms the entire night before. …Yeah, we all knew the Jazz were in trouble.

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The Kelly Anne Dolan Memorial Fund showing the Spirit of Philadelphia

As filed – without edits – for last Friday’s of the Philadelphia Business Journal.

THE SPIRIT OF PHILADELPHIA partnered with the Kelly Anne Dolan Memorial Fund on April 20 to benefit families in the region with seriously ill or disabled children. Four hundred patients and their loved ones were aboard the Spirit of Philadelphia, along with Miss Philadelphia Brintha Vasagar and Miss Pennsylvania Rachel Brooks. The cruise was also meant to honor the Dolan Memorial Fund, which has raised more than $7 million and helped with the uninsured needs of more than 17,000 families in its 31-year history. The nonprofit has treated more than 2,000 children and their families by welcoming them onto the Spirit of Philadelphia over the past six years.

See similar profiles for the Philadelphia Business Journal here. See other examples of my reporting here.

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My last day at the Village of Arts and Humanities

AS ALREADY POSTED HERE, Thursday was my last day serving at the Village of Arts and Humanities in an academic way.

We worked on setting up and filming a scene for the latest film the teens were working on, and Prof. Eugene Martin surprised me with a cake. As touching as it could be, until, like any 13-year-old boy might, one of students broke through the Hallmark moment to shove cake in my face.

Photos of that to come, for now, if only just for me, a look back on my 16-month relationship with the Fairhill rec center at Germantown and Adler.. feel free to play your own sad music.

See some of our work here.

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I was at Mike Schmidt's wine-tasting

IT WAS IN MARCH THAT I first reported for the Philadelphia Business Journal that Mike Schmidt, one of the most celebrated third basemen in baseball history and easily one of the most iconic Philadelphia sports heroes, was launching a charity wine: a Zinfandel.

Now, I may have thought it a little funny, if only because two worlds seemed to collide, and when I went to the product’s first wine tasting for media yesterday, it may have seemed a little sillier still when I took a freight elevator to the basement and wandered passed the Citizens Bank Park groundskeepers in pursuit of the tasting. But, to be fair, as we all know, Schmidt is putting his name on the line to raise funds for Cystic Fibrosis research.

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