Christopher Wink Longwood Gardens June 2023

My 2023 in review

I’ll now always consider 2020-2022 as three pandemic years, and 2023 as something resembling a return. Much of what I did this year felt like setting a new normal, which I hope to continue in 2024.

I felt more sure as a parent, got back on a plane and felt so much more was in place at work. There were challenges to be sure, but I’m heartened to look at back at something more like the open life I’ve been lucky to have. Below, I share some highlights and review progress on my resolutions.

A snapshot:

  • I more fully became the father of two children: My oldest kid turned three, and my youngest turned one. In March 2023, I finally emerged from the newborn stage by scheduling a proper haircut and a shave, as depicted below.
  • I advanced my company Technically into a post-pandemic model, including a mix of client services and philanthropy – including a major grant from the Longwood Foundation, which included a ceremony at Longwood Gardens, where I was in the photo at the top of this post.
  • I gave a keynote speech that I put the most time into for a rebranded Technically Builders Conference during Philly Tech Week

  • I sang live band karaoke for the first time — it was a lot of fun
  • I crushed grapes for wine for the first time, with my buddy Patrick – and I also did some distilling with my good buddy Cisco, with whom I’m working on a project

My resolutions:

  • Average Under 2k daily calories: For the first few months, I meticulously tracked my calories using an app (MyNetDiary). It really did influence my diet (especially those after-dinner snacks). That fell off but it felt like a step forward. [PARTIAL]
  • Establish a new personal finance strategy: I gave this new high-interest rate environment plenty of thought. I’ve maintained a larger cash balance, bought back part of my company and have tinkered with other private businesses — all as alternatives to, say, real estate. Friends and I talked about this plenty at our annual personal finance day. [SUCCESS]
  • Sell My Book: Sadly my agent was unable to sell my book proposal, though I heard feedback. I need to decide what’s next. [FAIL]
  • Transfer Generocity (April): Yes, I am very proud of this transition. [SUCCESS]
  • Sidewalk Sale: The poor beloved sale got terrible, rainy weather, but I still got rid of clutter and sold pretzels with my daughter. It was a fun tradition continued. [SUCCESS]
  • Produce a Video with 10k views: I had a major 100k+ breakout on linguistics, and a second one that was sadly about two deaths but I reached this goal. I also kept up reasonably well with my goals to post more social video as I attempt to find my voice. [SUCCESS]
  • Develop a bet on what AI means for my company and career: I feel far more comfortable in my opinions and views on this than I did a year ago. I’ve written and spoken on the topic. I must continue. [SUCCESS]
  • Write my book upon selling it: Wow, I really am rubbing it in, aren’t i? [FAIL]
  • Get on a Plane Again: Yes! I spoke at a conference in Birmingham, Al, and then again in New Orleans, where I had my wife join me! Steps forward. [SUCCESS]
  • Establish the Kids Room: Funny to look back and realize how far we’ve come in a year. Yes, this was a major development for our family. [SUCCESS]
  • Establish an “integrator”: I’m very proud of strengthening this relationship, which is allowing me to grow my business. My colleague Carrie is now my Chief Operating Officer. [SUCCESS]
  • Profitable Business : Wow, yes! A bit tighter margin than I hoped, but we did it! [SUCCESS]

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