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After 7 years, I am no longer Generocity.org publisher

This was originally published on Technical.ly. I republished it here because it feels an especially personal update. This post completes a resolution of mine for the year.

After seven years of publishing Generocity.org, Technical.ly’s parent company Technically Media has transitioned the nonprofit-industry news site to Civic Capital, a philanthropic consultancy.

This is personal to me. In 2015, I led the effort to acquire Generocity, which was founded by philanthropist Sandra Baldino years prior. In the ensuing years, I was publisher for both Technical.ly, which expanded its geographic focus, and Generocity, which remained focused in Philadelphia. Both followed a similar playbook: Find an important industry that is typically covered nationally and report obsessively on it with a local lens.

Generocity was better read than ever before and financially sustainable under our stewardship. But the pandemic made it clear to me: It was time for Generocity to have new leadership. I needed to focus all my time on Technical.ly, and Generocity deserved a new kind of specialization for today’s challenges.

I couldn’t imagine a better successor than Monique Curry-Mims, who has now replaced me as Generocity publisher and is the site’s new owner-operator, via her Civic Capital brand.

After six months of personal discussions, we undertook a six-month transition phase, with financial support from the Independence Public Media Foundation, the Samuel S. Fels Fund and the Lenfest Institute. I’ll remain a personal adviser to Monique, and Technical.ly and Generocity will remain closely related.

As part of the move and following a big Technical.ly redesign earlier this year, we’ll rely less on the name Technically Media, which is functionally the entity that employs our 20-person team, but is a far less recognizable brand than Technical.ly. With just one brand, this gets simpler. We are Technical.ly, a news organization that serves a community of technologists and entrepreneurs.

Below, watch the announcement via conversation led by Technical.ly Managing Editor Julie Zeglen, who was previously our inaugural Generocity editor, between Monique and myself.

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