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2024 Resolutions

I’ve started 2024 to continue what I started last year.

Looking back at years of resolutions I’ve had both sorts of plans: when I wanted to make change, and when I wanted to continue the work of the year prior. This year I intend to be more of the latter — no big changes intended. My post pandemic life emerged in 2023. I hope for 2024 to be stronger because of it.

2024 Resolutions:

  • January: Make partner in a whiskey business. I’m working with a friend on a project I’m eager to announce.
  • February: Answer: What’s next for my book? I invested a lot of the last two years into a book project. It needs a new direction.
  • March: Have my byline published in a national publication as part of a new writing stage. I intend to use my previous work to expand my writing profile, which ought benefit from my niche news site too.
  • April: Publish another video with 100k+ views. I want to build the habit of more better social posting, especially video, and work toward bigger audiences. A starting point: tracking points I’d like to make.
  • May: Finalize a next phase for the Philly Tech Week transition. Inspired by Generocity transition, I’m working to share leadership in the platform.
  • June: Organize a monthly date with each of my three babes. I’m intending to make more space with each of three of my family members.
  • July: Conclude my tenure on the Workshop Board. I’ve slowly dropped off several nonprofit boards to focus more time on my young family and business. I’ll return but for now I’m concluding my final board term.
  • August: Weigh 190 again. I always need some approach to my health — which mostly means eating less and being active more,
  • September: Determine what’s next for our Co.Author Writers Coworking Community. I’m piloting a writers coworking space with one of closest friends in my newsroom. In a year our lease is up so I’ll need to determine by then how viable our coworking community is — and what’s next for my news org’s office.
  • October: Read sheet music well enough to play basic melodies on the piano. Back in November 2022, we took a neighbor’s piano and I learned a few Christmas songs for a family gathering. I want to push into a basic comfort reading simple sheet music.
  • November: Travel Abroad. Before the pandemic and kids, I kept a cherished tradition of an annual road trip with a friend and trip abroad with my wife. However I can I want to return abroad.
  • December: Finish a profitable year for Technically. My most lasting professional contribution in my career thus far is my sustainable news org. It changed a lot during the pandemic so I want to build off our 2023 progress.

Wish me luck 🙂

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