Sam Altman in shirt and tie

Will AI be good or bad for journalism?

This answer Sam Altman gave TIME editor Sam Jacobs this month is pretty close to my stance too (clip here). That stance? With an over-supply of content, the differentiation will come from trust and high-quality relationships. That’s why I continue to bet on journalism, and local journalism at that.

Here are Sam’s words:

“I think it’s going to be more good than bad. It’s going to be bad in all sorts of ways, but I think it nets out to something good. As people have more free time, more attention and also care more about the people they trust to help them make sense of the world, to help them decide what to trust and how to think about a complicated issue, I think they’re going to rely more and care more about their ‘relationship’ with someone in the media more and more, and care more about high-quality information in a world of like massive amounts of generated content. So I think it should be net good but it will be different.”

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