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How was your pandemic?

This month the U.S. government suspended the health emergency, effectively ending the pandemic.

That doesn’t mean covid-19 is gone (it isn’t); it doesn’t mean it won’t flare back up (it could); it doesn’t mean we won’t have another pandemic someday (we might). But it does mark the end of this nearly 3.5 year period.

Millions of lives were lost, and economic and psychological trauma was enacted, all of which we’re still confronting. As a coping mechanism, a friend and I were talking about the little behavior changes that took root, some of which we may reference for years to come. At the very beginning my newsroom was interested in what and how we would create.

I kept up my resolutions, and they were different than before covid-19. I’ll always reference these few simple behavior changes that now feel entrenched as part of me after so many life changes:

  • Added house projects: I finished a basement, created a pair of home offices and decorated our home
  • Refined my chocolate chip cookie recipe: I always wanted a favorite
  • Propagating house plants: I took my gardening inside
  • Deep book reading: I started reading more books than ever before
  • Started a book project: I started the process of one of my lifelong goals
  • Became a parent: Wow, we welcomed a pair of kids into our lives
  • Led a business transformation: My company is fundamentally different (from events to digital revenue). I wrote about that here.
  • Had at least a pair of emotional meltdowns: Yikes, I got into my feelings more than I ever remember before!

It was a period of change and growth.

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