This is the most accessible moment in history

Today is the most accessible moment in the history if mankind. We are new enough with tools that they are still used personally by many leaders but advanced enough that adoption is rampant.

If my hunch that the next generation will slow down technology movement as they rebel against our obsession with it, the explosion of the social web may be at its most open peak. Already, the most savvy users are exploiting virality to benefit — think about the producer who learned from his Rebecca Black project to launch Chinese Food.

I spoke to a Temple University Fox School of Business class that focuses on social media marketing. Check out a Storify of the class from student tweets here, as put together by professor Brandon Lausch, who happens to be a longtime friend of mine.

I used the class as an opportunity to give a proper lecture a try — no notes, no slides, just a topic and a point and movement toward it.

Along the way I shared stories of how Philly exists today — we’re all famous to 15 people — the moment of transparency, entrepreneurship and civic technology. Now that online adoption has reached meaningful levels, the goal now is media literacy and ensuring there is real impact with the technology. Because the web never forgets, we can disclose and be more involved than ever. We are all responsible for our communities.

Our online tools are incredibly powerful in getting us connected offline. Now let’s do something with them.

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