Google for Media tips

Search engines are familiar territory, but I picked up a few lessons from the workshops that followed the panel I was on during the Google for Media event that preceded the Online News Association conference in Atlanta.

I’m sharing what I picked up here, as much for me as for you.

Advanced Google Search tricks: “just because you get a lot of results doesn’t mean they’re the best ones,” said Dan Russell

  • Google launched at this event a new Media Tools resource page.
  • Filetype:csv
  • Boolean expression “this” OR “that”
  • Turkey -food -recipe (search for the country, not the food)
  • Photo debunker on image search (upload image to see origins)
  • Google Trends can be explored by city
  • YouTube trends dashboard is a good place for story ideas
  • Google+ connection on authorship
  • Storyful verifying video
  • Google Consumer Surveys (slight cost)
  • Google transparency report
  • Youtube Creators Playbook
  • Put location data In google news index (google news likes this)
  • Chrome sniffer (or other web inspector)
  • for discluded sites for search and include site map at the bottom

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