Jimmy Quinn Memorial Basketball League in Fishtown

I hit the final free throw to put my team up four points in the last few seconds of the final championship game of the inaugural Jimmy Quinn Memorial Basketball League in Fishtown.

Including a playoff game and a best of three championship series (we won in two games), our team went 7-2, through September, October and November (lost one game due to a week of bad weather as we played outside at the Fishtown Rec before the playoffs inside at Shissler).

The league featured an active Facebook group, on which one of the league coorganizer’s wrote weekly wrap ups of the first few games before the contributions slowed, though they were fun while they lasted. Naturally I plucked some of the wrap ups below:

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Freddy Adams Tournament [VIDEO]

With Mike Herzenberg and Scott Hoffman, two of my childhood idols, I played in the three-on-three basketball portion of the 19th annual Freddy Adams Sports Tournament in Fishtown, Philadelphia.

In honor of a teenager who was killed in 1993, the tournament is a big cultural anchor point of my neighborhood.

We played well enough for being a bit out of shape and practice. We made it to the quarterfinals, the fifth to last team standing of 50 or so teams. Photos and video below.

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