Freddy Adams Tournament [VIDEO]

With Mike Herzenberg and Scott Hoffman, two of my childhood idols, I played in the three-on-three basketball portion of the 19th annual Freddy Adams Sports Tournament in Fishtown, Philadelphia.

In honor of a teenager who was killed in 1993, the tournament is a big cultural anchor point of my neighborhood.

We played well enough for being a bit out of shape and practice. We made it to the quarterfinals, the fifth to last team standing of 50 or so teams. Photos and video below.

We did some boasting, too, of course.

Watch a couple video clips kindly taken by Brian James Kirk, the first ends with nothing more than a poked eye and the second features an airball. …I swear the games were more exciting than this.

This was the first game we played, on the Saturday of the tournament, and we were clearly a little tired by then, but we won 16-10, the same score we won the second game that day. The next day we won one and lost two to get kicked out.

First, Mike Herzenberg pokes the big guy in the eye, after an absolutely non-existent box out from me — and that’s supposed to be my game!

Now a quick video of nothing…

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