Jimmy Quinn Memorial Basketball League in Fishtown

I hit the final free throw to put my team up four points in the last few seconds of the final championship game of the inaugural Jimmy Quinn Memorial Basketball League in Fishtown.

Including a playoff game and a best of three championship series (we won in two games), our team went 7-2, through September, October and November (lost one game due to a week of bad weather as we played outside at the Fishtown Rec before the playoffs inside at Shissler).

The league featured an active Facebook group, on which one of the league coorganizer’s wrote weekly wrap ups of the first few games before the contributions slowed, though they were fun while they lasted. Naturally I plucked some of the wrap ups below:


Game 2 of opening night went down to the wire.. The Game featured the captains who held the 1st and 2nd over all picks in the draft Scott Davis and Danny DiBerardinis.. The game was a battle from the beginning, with both teams sharing the lead in the first half. Davis squad went to 1st round pick Sabo scored early and often and got out too a quick lead.. DiBerardinis squad battled back lead by Dave Florek who poured them in from the land of plenty and broke the back of the zone. At halftime DiBerardinis squad held to a 2 point led as florek nailed a buzzer beater from down town. The second half was more of the same, both teams going back and forth with the lead.. With about a minute and some change left Davis squad looked to hold for one. DiBerardinis squad extended there zone, and forced them to be more aggressive. Sabo through a nice no look pass to the base line, which could have been the go ahead bucket.. However, it slipped through Eddie Barrs Hands (don’t lay a hand on my butter finger- Bart Simpson) with 30 seconds left diberardinis squad decided to hold for one. With 8 seconds left, Diberardinis went hard to the left (shocker) TWEET! And one too take the lead with 4 seconds left. He missed the foul shot (bong) to make it a 2 point game. Scott Davis dribbled up the court and through a pray of 3 for the win (hail mary full of grace) the shot was really short and that was it game two in the books 46-44….[SKIP]….On to the winning squad… DiBerardinis squad was lead by Dave Florek, who poured in a huge 18 (13 in the first half) and carried the load in first half. DiBerardinis added 12, while Jod Rod held down the blocks on both ends finishing with a solid 8. Jacke wasico Chipped in 9 and held down the middle on both ends. Those two twin tours should fair well against any front line in the league. Chris wink and billy harr didn’t crack the score sheet, however, both were very impressive on the defensive end, as well as moving the ball on the offensive. Both players solid and could pick up the scoring when needed. Steve “AI” foster bombed in a 3 and I expect him to find his range in the near future.


In this highly anticipated matchup between Emil (0-1) and DiBerardinis squad (1-0).. Emil is never outspoken, combine that with AJ aka the mouth and moch on a team, going into every game, there is going to be some chatter… The first half was a great game, both teams battling back and forth, no lead ever grew larger than 5 points… Balanced scoring by both teams, and just a great overall half… Finishing up the first 18 mins, DiBerardinis Squad clung to a won point advantage 32-31… Soo everyone, including myself, assumed a great battle in the 2nd half and an exciting finish… Eh, yeah… about that… not soo much…. DiBerardinis squad keep up doing what they have done soo far, which is share the ball which leads to a very balanced scoring attack… They picked up the intensity on the defensive end, and made sure they always could spot one of the shooters (WU or MOCHO MAN) this really slowed down Emils squad scoring in the 2nd, and they put up a PATHETIC 12 points.. yes, you have read it correctly folks, 12 points in an 18 minute half… yup, not gonna cut it… After all was said and done, 58-43 was final…[SKIP]….On too the winning team… DiBerardinis lead with way with 15 ( 11 in the first) He was accompanied by His twin towers, Rod showing over his much improved 3 ball getting 10 from inside and out and Big Jake scoring 12 and dominating in the middle… Florek, got going in the 2nd half and finished with 11.. Chris wink played an amazing all around game, hustling all over the defensive end, and found his shooting stroke too add a nice 10… My main man Twan Pera looked much more comfortable in his 2nd game, and got on the sheet with a lay up From a no look dime from new comer Bop murder Burns, we helped out on the defensive end, and is always a threat from deep.. Billy Harr hustled and scrapped on defensive, and it was an all around team win.. If they keep up the balanced scoring, they will be a tough team to be in this league (no bias i swear haha)


1st game back after a long 2 week lay off [because of a rain out].. The IMOJQ Fall league was back in action… Under a gloomy cloudy night, the rains held off and we got too finally get back to what we love.. Hoopin…. Game 1 was between Danny D (2-0) vs. Sean Obrien (0-2).. Game started off to a sluggish pace (rusty from the rain i suppose)… DiBerardinis squad came out in a 3-2 zone with a large guard Chris wink holding down the middle. With the size of him in the middle and the twin towers of wasico and rod down low, the defensive seemed to stifle Obirens team from getting in a rhythm early.. With a lot of scrapp and hustle on both ends of the court by both teams we reached a SORRY (pink game piece) total of 35 points in the first half (take the under!!) with Diberardinis squad holding 23- 12 at the break… The 2nd half DiBerardinis squad began to finally get in there zone and do what they do best, which is get out on the fast break.. That combined with a sleepy start of the half by Obriens team, the lead quickly got too 20 early in the second… Game seemed to be way over, however, Obrien motivated the team for the last 8 mins of the half, showing no quit, and made the game come to a respectable final of 55-41…..[SKIP]….. DiBerardinis Squad and the balance scoring continued yet again in there 3rd victory of the season… Leading the way was Dave Florek who dropped 17 ( 13 in the 2nd half).. Dave has continue too get buckets and score in double figures… Chris wink had another strong outing with a nice 14.. He got the team going early with a nice 8 points in a low scoring first half… Rod and Wasico got there usual 10 a piece, while absolutely dominating the glass… Danny Diberardinis had 4 while missing a WIDE WIDE WIDE WIDE WIDE open layup from a great pass from Rod (opps sorry, i owed ya one)… and cracking the books for the 2nd game in a row Twan pera had another good performance on the Defensive end scored 2 points…

It was a great experience.

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