Temple alumni magazine profiles Technically Philly


The small, if compelling, story of two friends and me launching and growing Technically Philly after graduating college was the focus of a feature in the winter 2013 issue of the Temple University alumni magazine.

It also included a pretty fun photo shoot of my cofounder Brian James Kirk and I (our third cofounder moved on as an employee last year), as shown above.

Shot from the photo shoot for this story
Shot from the photo shoot for this story

From the story:

Kirk and Wink are pushing on. There is a long-overdue web redesign slated for later this year. They are making stable profits. Technically Philly site traffic continues to climb. They even expanded by launching Technically Baltimore, with its own dedicated writer, in late July. “We want to get into a handful of markets and scale up,” Wink says. Scaling—its one of those things that a business could do to interest a potential buyer. And Kirk and Wink have talked about what would happen if someone approached them with a bag of money and asked for the keys. “We said from the beginning that we really want this to last,” Kirk says. And right now, the work feels unfinished.

See the PDF of the full Winter 2013 issue here [PDF].

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