Philly Tech Week: the inaugual roundup of coverage, lessons and highlights

The inaugural Philly Tech Week, made official by City Council, has come and gone.

All told, my fellow Technically Philly co-founders and PTW co-organizers helped bring together 65 events, from more than 50 groups that attracted more than 3,000 people (we’re still tallying) in the first six day-event that we first suggested in the summer, confirmed in November but did get moving until February.

So, as is my custom, I wanted to gather together what happened, the thoughts from others and my take aways so we can do even better next year.



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Popular culture blog Geekadelphia previewed a handful of our more geeky events:

Specific Events:

Some of my favorite #phillytechweek tweets:

  • @phillytechweek this month and #mw2011 last month i have a new sense of drive and feel rejuvenated mentally. @jimshreds
  • Live every week like it’s Philly Tech Week! @JPToto
  • Such an impressive array of events happening during @phillytechweek YES PHILLY IS A GREAT TECH CITY! @gloriabell
  • Despite growing up in Philly I left over a decade ago due to a dead tech community. This week proves Philly Tech is alive and kicking ass. @rit
  • #PhillyTechWeek, thanks for intro’ing me to some new peeps & ideas & reuniting me with others! @alexbthegirl
  • The anticipation for @phillytechweek almost has me shaking. It might also be the coffee. @alexknowshtml
  • App by @atogle + @mertonium helps find street art in Philly; for Philly Tech week using the city’s open data catalog @timoreilly
  • @TechnicallyPHL great conference this week. Philly needed it! @VaughnKing
  • Philly WP Happy Hour was a huge success! Met lots of new attendees interested in our group @williamsba
  • When was the last time you and your significant other had a meaningful conversation about the concept of data? Thanks #PhillyTechWeek!!! @joshdubin
  • @TechnicallyPHL Thanks so much for the NRT post. I was about to recycle my old laptop, but now I’ll donate!  @errrica
  • Woo tech conferences #phillytechweek, #wasted @sarahsolfails
  • Reading the tweets and wishing I was at #phillytechweek @mertonium
  • Every week should be a @PhillyTechWeek @alexknowshtml
  • I’d say #phillytechweek was a huge success, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year. @hoyboy
  • Loved meeting so many tech savvy people in one room. @RichNegrin
  • When you put bodies together in a room, it doesn’t immediately solve anything, but puts things in motion in a powerful way. @KelaniNichole
  • Mad props to the boys at @TechnicallyPHL for making it rain awesome all last week. #phillytechweek @mheadd
  • A Gchat from Far McKon: “Great job on tech week. I’m excited as I was when I moved here in ’08,” says Far McKon, who moved from Rochester, N.Y.

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