Technically Media office space, or why I have a flask on my desk

I have a flask (and a typewriter) on my desk . That desk is in new office space, as announced today.

In conjunction with the Technically Philly open data grant project, our Technically Media Inc. parent company has moved into a working office space at Temple University Center City at 1515 Market Street in Philadelphia.

It’s important to note that this office space is specifically for the six-month Technically Philly grant project, and so the office is used for those purposes and is only leased for that time.

It’s also important to note that we at TP take great interest in respecting, honoring and, in some ways, continuing the traditions of the past.

Having a flask on your desk isn’t about being drunk all the time, it’s about honoring Bob Woodward’s old saying: “All good work is done in defiance of management.”

Short of stereotypes of any order, journalists are close to the ground — regardless of whether we’re covering the war in Afghanistan or the school board — but we take great pride in remaining fiercely independent.

A flask — or the whiskey and beer and the cussing and the industry aphorisms — go right along with our interest in asking relevant, important questions. Or so we think. (Yes, delusions of self-importance also seem to be a journalism staple)

Come in and see the office, and we can have a drink while we talk it over.

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