Seamless Workforce: Talking Philadelphia technology trends with Yoh

Sometimes people think you have something interesting to say.

I first met Joel Capperella, who works for Yoh, a 70-year-old technology staffing firm and business unit of Day & Zimmerman, when he showed up out of curiosity at a Philly Startup Leaders Fishbowl on Technically Philly.

In his role at Yoh, he contributes to the company’s blog, the Seamless Workforce. A few weeks ago, he asked if I wanted to grab dinner, chat a bit about the region’s technology scene and record some audio for their blog.

I sure seem to like talking, so I was happy to oblige. Below, I share the links to what managed to become a three-part series

Part One: Identifying the Technology Community in Philadelphia

I talk with Joel about Technically Philly, the development of the technology scene here and where it stands now. [Download]

Part Two: Talking Technology Jobs and the City of Philadelphia image

I talk with Joel about how the City of Philadelphia is seen and its place in technological innovation. [Download]

Part Three: The Opportunities for Talent in Philadelphia

I talk with Joel about how Philadelphia’s technology community is like a developing country, and why businesses should invest early, just like you would in a rutabaga farm. [Download]