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The books I read in 2022

Years back, I only read a handful of books each year and spent a lot more time on articles, blog posts and social media. Around 2016, I started publishing notes here that I took from the few books I did read, and I found it helpful to review what I learned from a slower, deeper medium.

From then on, I resolved to put more time into books, and I kicked that off with a resolution to focus on women and authors of color. A book a month seemed a realistic goal, as I juggled work and other priorities. Then the pandemic hit. In 2020, which included the birth of my first child, I read far less, and I thought my goal was doomed. But by 2021, I rediscovered my neighborhood library and found that I needed an escape from the breaking news — while still learning. I read more books in 2021 than ever before in my adult life. Then in 2022 I more than doubled that total — even though my second kid arrived that year.

Point is that I’ve gotten great joy out of engaging with books, especially from that local library. Below I recap the books I read this year for my own recollection.

I was committed to reading across the political spectrum, which I accomplished. Otherwise, I read a range of nonfiction, spanning subject matters from history and science to business and economics. I can’t rave about libraries enough.

Below is a roundup of what I read in the year:

I also got my hands on Ben Bernanke’s Monetary Policy in the 21st Century, but I made slow progress of it, especially as my second kid arrived, and it was due back to the library before I got even halfway through it. I didn’t count it.

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