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My 2022 in review

Another pandemic year, another year of personal discovery.

A snapshot of my year:

  • My wife and I welcomed our second child into the world, and my second kid blossomed
  • My wife, kid and I all got covid-19, right before I was due to officiate a wedding
  • My company brought back an in-person Philly Tech Week
  • I helped set up my first kid for a sidewalk sale of plants we propagated together
  • I attended five weddings (Jeff/Amanda! Owen/Lauren! Greg/Mollie! Roberto/Giselle! Timbs!), and officiated three of them!
  • I read 44 books, the most of my adult life
  • I developed a new social media workflow, and even got myself a new phone this week that should help
  • A week downtheshore with my wife’s family
  • I added to my house plant obsession
  • I played with several AI tools, from Midjourney and ChatGPT to other simpler tools
  • I produced several big reports and interesting pieces of journalism, often through the weekly interview series I’m doing on LinkedinLive for my Culture Builder newsletter
  • We put our oldest kid into daycare (Aug. 1)
  • We finished a handful of house projects, completing a remote work and kid-friendly home in which I spend more time than I ever did before the pandemic
  • My company hosted a mini retreat (axe-throwing!) and a version of our annual all-team day in person
  • I led my company through its first-ever strategic vision exercise
  • I made several difficult decisions that strengthened my company (we ended the year modestly profitable)
  • I drank less than I have in years, and the pandemic had already lessened my drinking

Review of resolutions:

  • Go fully remote as a company (January): Still saddled with a lease, our team has put effort in developing our remote-first workplace.
  • Reestablish my goals on social media (February) I got active on TikTok and am focusing more there and Linkedin, with a developing workflow.
  • Pitch a nonfiction book proposal (March): I sure pitched, and learned quite a bit along the way. More to come.
  • Let go of childhood collectibles (April): Not quite. I de-cluttered some but I have old video games and a box of baseball cards still.
  • Upgrade my terrace (May): We moved our HVAC units, upgraded our plants and rearranged our small outdoor area.
  • Invest in my daughter (June): With the help of my mother in law, I set up my daughter with the starts of small plant propagation business.
  • Drop weight (July): I was closer to sticking to my goal to eat 80% full but my food journaling and other efforts fell short. I did decide what would have helped me for next year: get an app and track calories.
  • Learn a song on the guitar (August): Nope, not even close.
  • Make a life survival guide for myself (September): I drafted the file, and it’s something I like.
  • Transform my family room into a study (October): Yes, this was a big success. With the help of a family friend and my wife’s good taste, we turned over a room in our home to a far comfier place.
  • Play the piano (November): I took a few lessons and added some skills, though I’m short of many of my goals.
  • A healthier, profitable business year (December): Yes!

Still no travel, and much was disrupted, but I was once again blessed with many gifts.

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