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My first political endorsement

For the first time in my life, I made a political endorsement. I ddi this on Facebook intentionally to engage with many of those in my life who are active on that platform. I am re-posting this here for archiving.

Hello, I do not post political messages often. I do it even less on Facebook. And yet…

I grew up pretty centrist politically, and I developed professionally in a bipartisan journalistic tradition — one that, despite policy is more important than politics. I have voted for Republicans and Democrats, so I have never made a public endorsement. I’m writing this here because I was raised in a conservative county, and so I believe this is my best opportunity to try to share with people who might not agree with me.

I am enthusiastically voting for Joe Biden for U.S. President. I believe you should do the same. I believe that Donald Trump is dangerous for our country — in a very specific way, not the roundabout partisan way you may think it.

Do it for Trump’s repeated refusal to commit to a peaceful transition of power — unless he wins. That simply has never happened before. That is a-truly, publicly and directly treasonous act.

I believe this election is bigger than tax policy or immigration or trade or even stances on abortion. I believe this president has flouted every institution and check. He’s mocked celebrated veterans (not only John McCain) and insulted respected scientists. He has inflamed gross conspiracy theories and groundless claims that suit him.

In truth, I don’t think this man actually stands for anything except his own gain.

I reject any notion that this is an election of “choosing the lesser of two evils.” One man is being plainly open about challenging the legitimacy of our electoral process. That is dark, sinister and foreboding.

No representative democracy in the world produces flawless candidates — because there are no flawless humans. Joe Biden has lots of faults. But no one genuinely questions his character. I do not doubt his ability to govern within the law nor do I doubt his ability to build a team that will challenge him. I don’t doubt he will respect the outcome of our election.

I can’t say the same for this president.

I’m not looking for a fight. No one who knows me could ever call me a partisan. I really do believe this is that important. If you message me, I’d be happy to discuss any genuine perspective.

Thank you for reading. Good night and good luck.

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