A few notes from my conversation with Guy Raz of ‘How I Built This’

For Technical.ly’s postponed, all-virtual Introduced conference, I closed out the day interviewing Guy Raz, the influential podcaster behind ‘How I Build This.’ He has a new book by the same name.

For those interested in economic development and entrepreneurship, the conversation is worth a listen. My colleague Stephen Babcock put together a nice recap, and here are a couple points I took away:

  • Entrepreneurship stories are self-reinforcing. That is, the people who have enough of a profile to be interviewed by Guy are by definition exceptional. It’s important to understand that context.
  • “Right now is a moment for every small business, any business, to think radically about every possible thing you could do” said Raz.
  • Why the decline in entrepreneurship? Guy is among those who point to health insurance being tied to employers.

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