Cybersecurity is about to get a whole lot bigger

The cybersecurity community will need to widen its focus, both for talent attraction, collaborative defense and inclusion.

That was the basic premise of my keynote this morning at the inaugural Cybersecurity in Action, Research and Education conference. Since I am not a cybersecurity executive or academic, my goal was to simply share some interesting examples of the cyber conversations that our team at is dutifully reporting on.

Find my slides and links below.

I kicked off my presentation with the logic that open source culture, the subject of my FOSSCON keynote last year, has influenced so many other areas of technology and business: in this case, that cybersecurity defense has to be highly collaborative and attracting great talent will require a new kind of openness.

Here are a few stories I referenced during my presentation:

Also, because it was April Fools’ Day, I put a fake social security number as my own on the slides!

Below find my slides:

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