Technically Media will be establishing new headquarters

We’re staying in Philadelphia of course. But after three years as a tenant of noted University City-based venture capital firm First Round Capital, we’ve outgrown the space.

By the end of the year, we’ll be moving our more than dozen-person team to the top floor of the Curtis Center, a historic building in Old City Philadelphia that once held the celebrated Curits Publishing Company (the ones behind the Saturday Evening Post, the Ladies Home Journal and the Public Ledger, among other brands).

We’ll be in the Curtis Center sharing the top floor with the second location from the Benjamin’s Desk coworking community, so we’ll have access to other smart people and share many amenities. We’re excited about having our own private space, but we can’t say enough about how First Round, founder Josh Kopelman (a dude who passed on investing in Twitter) and his team (Jeff Donnen, Ashley Bauer and Ryan Donnen, among many others) supported us. We wouldn’t be where we are without them.

Our spot on the 12th floor in the Curtis Center will be our third office, strictly speaking — or it could be the fifth. Before we started at Temple University Center City, we were squatting in a Hartranft converted warehouse, and between First Round and our final space, we’ll spend the next few weeks in temporary offices in the Curtis Center, with a nice view of Washington Square Park.

To clarify, these offices are our company headquarters but we maintain a small two-person office in Baltimore and keep reporters in all our markets at coworking spaces in those cities.

This move is great for lots of reasons, and I’ll share more of them when we get into our permanent new offices but I’d like to share here some words I shared elsewhere:

For the last three years, I had the privilege of being part of the @technical_ly team that was based out of the University City Philadelphia HQ of First Round Capital, a VC firm founded by Josh Kopelman, still a young leader himself coming into his prime on a national stage. We’ve reported on him with distance and will continue to do so, but I don’t mind saying that I greatly admire him and consider getting to spend a good amount of time with him in recent years as one of the many great perks of my job. Now that we’re nearing 15 full-time after announcing we’ll begin publishing @generocity we’ve outgrown this wonderful incubator of sorts and will take up our own offices at the Curtis Center at 601 Walnut Street in Old City Philladelphia, in addition to the reporters we have in coworking spaces in all of our markets. Thanks to Josh and all at First Round. We’ll do our best to keep you honest, if you’ll keep expecting us to produce on a national level.

Our former landlord Josh Kopelman, founder of First Round Capital, with me in his HQ
Our former landlord Josh Kopelman, founder of First Round Capital, with me in his HQ. Photo by Brian James Kirk.

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