What you can learn from the calendar of our fifth annual Philly Tech Week

The fifth annual Philly Tech Week, now presented by Comcast, kicks off later this week. There are more than 150 events on the calendar, two dozen of the largest anchors we at Technical.ly organize. We publish in five markets now and do an array of events but this is easily the largest undertaking of ours each year.

Below find out what you can learn by looking at that calendar.

Five years in, our team already has identified several tweaks we’ll need to make to the structure for the future, and given the subject matter, when an event series like this begins to annualize, it risks getting stale quickly. And unlike other (valuable) STEM-related event series that from institutions to introduce subject matter, we still very much see Philly Tech Week as a community festival.

As I’ve become fond of saying, each PTW calendar aims to be something of a time capsule to better understand the Philly tech community’s interests at that time. So as I’ve done each year, before the week starts, I take a long, hard look at our calendar and see if we’re doing

I’m always stressed going into this week, fearful of disappointing surging expectations, always aware that with so many partners, we always miss subjects and leaders and goals that some have. It’s our goal to accurately represent this big and bold and broad community: can we do it? It’s what gets me worried and excited for most of the first quarter of each year. But like in other years, when we pullback and enter the week, I’m so proud of what our team of 10 has helped put together.

Now I’m getting excited.

So with full respect to the 150 other events, including many of our own events not included here, below I share a dozen trends that I think show how Philly tech should be remembered in 2015:

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