Online News Association takeaways from other Philly attendees

What was one big takeaway from all of the ONA national conference attendees from Philadelphia? We hosted a local meetup to hear them, and here they are.

  • Meredith Broussard¬† — John O’Keefe sensor journalism with arduinos
  • Monica Roberstson — amazed by entrepreneurial journalism
  • Trenae — needs tech intersection to display more compelling stories, learn web dev and visualization of work
  • Paulina Reso from CityPaper –tyranny of CMS, use Iframes, storybuildng. Squeirelcat
  • Emily Babay, Inquirer — evolution of vetting breaking news online
  • Brian Creech Temple faculty — user generated content ethics, triangulation of sources
  • Erik Walkert, WHYY– different analytics, like amplifying, subscribing, etc. tilemill and tile map learning to have questions
  • Josh Cornfield, AP – blowing up the article machine: there are different ways to present information . Different ways to engage. Nieman Lab from Matt waits: we can’t say we hate math as journalists
  • Jim Iovino NBC – don’t focus on desktop site, a lot of mobile first design and conversations
  • Sam Wood, — find partner organizations sunlight foundation , came back run state legislators against gaming
  • Jim Macmillan — total transition from 2007 backpack journalism to mobile. Check his website for a full wrap
  • Andy Mendelson — data security is not just for national security reporter¬† Security hygiene
  • Christopher Wink — challenge how and why we tell stories. Find more from my presentation here.

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