What is Editorial Strategy: Definitions for Content Strategy and more

I try to keep things simple.

Because there is so much crap out there, I like to think if you can’t describe simply, quickly and tersely what you do, then it’s probably not important.

So, in introducing my work with Technically Media, I kept it simply to that we build audiences, which is something of a tag line of ours.

But there are those in the industry and near to it who are a bit more interested in what exactly we’re proposing.

We’re calling what we do editorial strategy, something of a subset of a growing movement called content strategy, which usually falls under user experience design and differs itself from content marketing.

It’s a concept that pulling with content you create is going to become just as much as a given as pushing with social media you control.

But what the hell does all of that mean?

Some definitions:

  • User-experience design (UXD) is a subset of the field of experience design that pertains to the creation of the architecture and interaction models that affect user experience of a device or system. As user experience is a subjective feeling, it cannot actually be “designed.”  WIKIPEDIA
  • Content strategy is a field of user experience that focuses on creating actionable, assertive and relevant use of language and content hierarchy on websites and other internet-based platforms. A successful strategy encompasses all published work, both online and offline, and creates more quantifiable, successful campaigns for action. Read about why some think this is going to be as big as the social media movement and find some survey results on its use here.
  • Editorial Strategy is the implementation of web-friendly content and interactivity on a platform, like a news site, blog or social media, that grows an audience and community, who can be converted to donors, supporters, customers or volunteers and can grow the reputation of an organization as a thought leader around its mission. A successful strategy can also serve as an institutional memory, help create broader partnerships and increase search engine optimization. Simply, editorial is moving content, as described by others in this space.
  • Content Marketing is basically doing all of the above with the strict objective to increase revenue, which might otherwise be seen as one of the goals of the above. Read a more nuanced view here.

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