How to draft a media kit: lessons from Technically Philly

Almost two years ago, we at Technically Philly first launched our media kit.

We followed it up with advertising packages, which I think are more important once your product is a recognized brand in a community, but a media kit is important still.

After fielding a few questions of late from those interested in what is necessary to get started, I thought I’d answer here.

First, don’t forget: a media kit is meant to quickly, effectively inform and attract interested buyers into a media property, particularly one they may not know well.

What you should include:

  • A short description of your media property’s purpose and audience
  • Your audience size (don’t get into details, have a graph showing growth in your community)
  • Why anyone would want to attract your audience?
  • Advertising/sponsoring options in brief (you can push to more robust packages after point of contact)
  • Testimonials of value
  • Make it easy to contact you and be responsive

Other thoughts:

  • Make your media kit easy to find online (one prominent click away to get to business information)
  • Supplement the media kit with simple sponsorship packages (i.e., the media kit brings buyers into the store, but you still need simple, attractive product)
  • Update traffic and other pertinent details at least twice yearly, if not quarterly or monthly
  • Have an available one-pager, likely a PDF that can be emailed and printed easily with only the most basic information
  • Have a deeper media kit with more information on history

Other media kits to check out:

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