My 10 best read posts of 2009


Earlier this month, I bought another year on this domain and began a third year posting here. Back in February, I had my 500th post and am just shy of my 700th now. In July, I launched the self-hosted version of this site, which has left quite a bit of Google juice over at the free version here.

Anniversaries abound, so why not celebrate the end of another calendar year by noting the 10 best read posts I had of the past 12 months.

In order of most trafficked, including views from this site’s previous incarnation when relevant.

  1. Journalism classes that aren’t regularly available but should be 22Apr09
  2. Advertising with @TechnicallyPHL and what other Web startups can learn 05Jun09
  3. Your new journalism job: what do reporters, editors get paid? 14Jan09
  4. Hyperlocal news sites worth following 23Dec09
  5. PW: College rapper Asher Roth from Bucks County to hip hop star 15Apr09
  6. The Temple News: my four-years with the college newspaper of Temple University 15May09
  7. What was lost in the coverage of a student journalist and a Philadelphia cop 17Apr09
  8. Inquirer: How unemployment affects men 04Feb09
  9. Hyperlocal news: a definition 29Sep09
  10. How to start a freelance writing career without writing samples 09Mar09

In the interest of disclosure and so it doesn’t seem as though I’m posturing, let’s keep in mind that because of my particularly modest traffic, the top handful only account for a thousand views or so.

And because traffic isn’t everything — right? — here are five others I liked but didn’t get the most eyeballs.

  1. Content breakdown of a healthy, efficient hyperlocal news site 07Dec09
  2. First to report Rendell named Obama’s vice presidential running mate: how an entire newsroom tricked me 23Jan09
  3. How some established journalists see the rest of us 26Oct09
  4. Seven habits of highly effective freelance journalists 02Mar09
  5. Reflections on CUNY graduate school New Journalism Models Hyperlocal camp 25Nov09

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