So late in claiming this site, others on Technorati

I am at least one year behind in claiming this site on Technorati.

I’ll bet you’re in one of two camps: either you think it’s ridiculous I’m only now understanding this process or you have no idea what I am talking about.

And, believe me, either way there’s a good chance you’re not going to care about this. But if you have a blog, a Web site or, Hell, I don’t know, a LiveJournal account, you ought to sign on to Technorati and “claim it.” So, come on, learn something if you are somehow even more behind in this than I was.

Because “claiming” your blog is for reasons I always vaguely knew but didn’t really understand, nor did I act on until just on Friday.

So, I guess firstly add Technorati to growing list of sites on which I have a profile and the same headshot.

I first claimed this one, good old reliable on Technorati. Then I took claim for my personal My Life To-do List blog on Technorati. And just when I thought that was enough for now, I went and claimed on Technorati the Philly Partisan Politics blog I operated while completing my thesis to graduate with honors from Temple University.

Will I claim others? Really only God knows, but let’s explain what the Hell that means and why I wasted my time and yours addressing it.

Lots of people argue over what you get for claiming your blog, but like most things I subscribe to the notion that you ought to put your Web site URL everywhere. Plus, Technorati, through your chosen keywords, helps others find your blogs, growing your voice. Five minutes of your time. (Grab yourself an OpenID and make things faster still.)

Oh, and what is Technorati? Well, it calls itself a blogging search engine, but they also create content.

They do fun things like quantify the most popular blogs on the Internet – don’t by shocked by I’m not there – and offer an annual “state of the blogosphere.

OK, now, after you have your Technorati account, or if you already have one, do the sensible thing and make this blog one of your favorites. Um k?

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