Newest BNET Energy-industry blogger, me

Talk to me in a few weeks. I ought to be some sort of expert on the global energy industry.

Largely on the back of my internship with the Philadelphia Business Journal and my blogging experience in a variety of venues, I am proud to say that I’ve gotten a gig blogging on the energy industry for BNET Industries, an industry-news provider and subsidiary of CBS Interactive.

That means I have a steady alternative revenue stream – for the time being. It isn’t full-time, so no health insurance, but for a freelance journalist, it’s a golden gig to get some steady money (more tips like that in a future post).

Here’s the explanation of my work that I put in my updated Blogging experience page:

BNET Industries (December 2008 to present): I am a regular contributor to BNET Industries, an industry-news provider and subsidiary of CBS Interactive. Daily, I review trends, corporate plans and other news affecting all facets of the global Energy industry, from the politics of OPEC to state nuclear programs to green technology startups and more. Browse my “Energy Roundup” posts with BNet here.

That’s one post a day. I subscribe to more than two dozen industry RSS feeds and review each every morning.

The daily gig, which certainly won’t make me a wealthy man, will give me a chance to develop a business-writing niche, which can be more lucrative, and offer the opportunity to find more writing work over time. Plus, I am getting paid to write and report, if only in comprehending, selecting and disseminating news.

See my post today here, and check out my debut on Tuesday here. This here is yesterday’s, 12/18, and here you can see my roundup on Wednesday, Dec. 17.

I should be able to set up an RSS feed, but for now, all my of Energy Roundup posts should end up here. Because they are just news briefs, I won’t be double-posting or even linking to them regularly from here. I will be setting up an RSS feed to my Twitter account, though.

A few months ago when I thought there was a possibility I just might be freelancing, I knew I wanted some steady income, blogging being in what I had the most experience. My first attempt was at being a regular news blogger for BNET Industries, but I simply didn’t have the knowledge for any particular industry. My test blog led to an initial let down back in October.

But I stuck with it, and feel I am well-equipped to slosh through a day’s news and discern what is most pressing for BNET’s readers, who have years of professional experience on me for the energy industry. It’s a challenge, a chance at developing a niche knowledge base and a chance at some regular, steady income.

So, hey, if you have any inside information on the Energy industry, toss it my way. If you have any questions on that broad global business, I am in the process of developing a rich knowledge base.

We’ll see how that goes.

Any thoughts, questions, or, hey, any advice?

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