The new Facebook bumbles on


Even if I am just a couple months into my Facebook life, I believe it is fair to say there is lots of complaint against its new version – beyond just common resistance to change. I’ve jumped into things with Facebook – and MySpace for that matter – so I think I’ve got a sense of how obsessively people take their social networking.

Recently I posted a collection of the most widespread and best articulated rails against the new form. That post on why the new Facebook sucks is just a small matter.

After that post, I was invited to join a Facebook group called People agains the New Facebook System – with more than 100,000 members. There are others here, here, here, and here – I’m sure there are more.

I got a comment on my post mentioning one could revert back to the old version – which I did. There was a delay in the rollout, but now – there’s no going back, the new version is the only version.

Does any of that actually matter? Any thoughts?

One thought on “The new Facebook bumbles on”

  1. Ohhhh, YES!! They’re LEAVING Facebook and deleting their accounts, and IN RECORD NUMBERS!!!!!!!! There’s NO getting around that going on right now!! This has become the worst moment in web / networking history and Facebook can’t spin those words!!!!!!!! LOLOL

    The OLD Facebook was Facebooks Google Homepage, their bread and butter, but they screwed it abysmally and all their clients and customers with it, and users are leaving Facebook to flock off to competitor sites like it’s never been seen in internet history!!!!!!!!

    Facebook should have listened to their customers and offered choice. It’s only a matter of time now when they won’t be offering anything at all. Facebook will become a casualty of bad business decisions. Or, in their case, REALLY, REALLY DISASTROUS business decisions!!!!!!!!

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