Someone who doesn't know me actually used my reporting

Ostensibly, journalists write for others.

So I get really excited when readers respond to what I write. That can go further when someone uses my reporting for broader purposes. A common rag on newspapers and most media is that their reporting isn’t in-depth enough. Of course, the response is that one can’t track trends without daily coverage.

It feels great to be reminded that that isn’t a lie.

A got a text message from a friend, who is a New Jersey high school teacher.

My students are quoting you in their research mr big time reporter man! How’s that feel?

OK, so it was actually one student and one story, but, by coincidence, a student of his who was writing a paper on lowering the drinking age cited my Aug. 22 cover story for the Patriot-News. She used my article that focused narrowly on an initiative started by more than 100 college presidents to make a broader argument.

That’s exciting.

Photo from Open Source MD.

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