Philadelphia photos: Air-conditioned churches and horse carriages

This week I was visiting friends in Philadelphia – here are two photos for you.

If you can’t bring in parishoners the old-fashioned way, try motel amenities.

I spotted this sign outside a church at 18th and Arch in Center City on Tuesday.

I was walking through Old City with a friend and came upon my former co-workers at 76 Carriage Company, where I used to give historic tours summer 2007. Here is me with Brian (driver) and Tom Nick (horse).

One thought on “Philadelphia photos: Air-conditioned churches and horse carriages”

  1. Hey buddy– Your little blurb with “horse carriages” caught my eye on facebook. (-your theory that facebook leads people to your website is a good one..) And I hate to tell ya, but that horse is Tom. Unfortunately, my Nick is no longer living. He caught pneumonia & then laminitis (“founder”) while at turnout in Lancaster, PA. It was pretty sad.

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