Harrisburg International House

Mostly foreign students and temporary workers living in the Harrisburg International House.

While in Harrisburg until last week, I lived at the International House at Third and Chestnut, right in its center city. I left Aug. 30 – leaving my recommendations about what to do in Harrisburg.

During the summer, most of its residents are foreign-born on temporary visas working at Hershey Park, nearby hotels or studying. That provided a fun experience in the hostel-like atmosphere: dancing with a bunch of young men from the United Arab Emirates, playing Uno with girls from the Dominican Republic and watching the NBA playoffs with a group from the Ukraine. I didn’t need a car, could walk to work and play basketball and the grocery store.

It was a little pricey though, $640 a month for an apartment with two small bedrooms, kitchen and bath, and the living conditions – which American college students unfamiliar with hostels would liken it to a dormitory – proved a little distasteful after two great years on the 3300-block of North Park Avenue in Philadelphia.

But, to be sure, it was a clean, safe, fun environment for the summer.

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