Harvard University rejected me

Got an e-mail from Harvard University yesterday:

Thank you for your application to the following position at Harvard University. Although we are unable to further your candidacy for this specific position at this time, we appreciate your interest in Harvard.

I applied Aug. 15 for a full-time position I saw on Journalism Jobs, called the assistant editor of the Digital Journalism Project, part of the school’s Nieman Foundation.

The position appears to have been taken down from J-Jobs, so I’ll post the description here. Sounded like fun.

Want to help save journalism? Tired of the downward spiral? The Nieman Foundation at Harvard University is seeking a talented, driven journalist who wants to help preserve and improve the
field in the Internet age.

The foundation’s new Nieman Digital Journalism Project is aimed at identifying and encouraging changes toward those ends. What do news organizations need to do to survive? What will the
next generation of startups look like? Can the traditional civic roles of journalism be filled by non-journalists? Those are some of the questions we’ll be asking. The answers could include
innovative business models, changes in content or presentation, creative organizational structures, or anything else.

The Assistant Editor of the Digital Journalism Project will collaborate with the Editor to find, explore and promote these changes. Duties will include: original reporting on changes in the news
industry, in both the mainstream media organizations and the new generation of startups online; blogging regularly about these topics; producing video and audio content, including interviews
and news pieces; working with Harvard faculty and other researchers on projects related to the Project’s aims; and managing a community of readers on the Project web site.

Who are we looking for? A great reporter and writer who also truly *gets* the Internet. Basic qualifications are a bachelor’s degree and at least three years experience as a journalist (college
experience may apply.) You’ll need a very strong familiarity with how news gets produced and shared online. Most likely, you’ll already have a blog or three. And you have to be an excellent

Other things that would be pluses: Good interpersonal skills; attention to detail; strong project management skills; experience in video and audio production, business and financial issues, or
web design or coding. Note: This is a term appointment ending June 30, 2009, with the possibility of renewal based on funding and department priorities.

You can find out more about the foundation by going to the Nieman web site. (Google it. And note that it’s Nieman, not Neiman. Ah, the lost art of spelling.) We sponsor, among many other
things, the oldest journalism fellowships in America.

Well, I’ll keep looking. Keep me in mind for the future Harvard.

Photo from English World.

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