KYW: My radio report on State Attorney General contender's criticism

In December 2007, Easton police Chief Larry Palmer, left, Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli, center, and Capt. David Ryan are shown during a late afternoon news conference. (Courtesy PennLive)

KYW News radio Harrisburg bureau chief Tony Romeo kindly agreed to show me the rough ropes of radio reporting and production on Monday. Below hear my report – with his lede – and the script – with much credit to Tony.


The Democratic candidate for Attorney General today challenged the way his incumbent opponent has handled the so-called “Bonusgate” investigation of the Pennsylvania legislature. Christopher Wink reports…

[CLIP] “I think that this investigation has been botched from the beginning.”

Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli told the Pennsylvania Press Club that Republican Attorney General Tom Corbett ruined any chance at a thorough investigation of House and Senate lawmakers of both parties. Morganelli criticized Corbett for seizing potential evidence from House Democrats without doing the same for other caucuses.

[CLIP] “And I know I go into house number one and take out the boxes and the computers, and tell houses number two, three and four ‘I’ll be back 18 months later for your evidence,’ it’s not going to be there.”

The Corbett camp dismisses Morganell’s claims. A campaign spokesman says Morganelli doesn’t know the details of the ongoing investigation. Corbett has maintained that he is investigating all four legislative caucuses, but he has so far has only charged House Democratic insiders.

See how Tony handled it. Thanks again to Tony Romeo – it’s not a stage name, check this 1995 piece he wrote for City Paper on the matter.

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