The new Facebook sucks

I am new to Facebook – though I have gotten on my hustle to maximize readership output from it.

At the end of July, the social networking giant announced a new version they were rolling out. Since joining, I ignored the offer to voluntarily take it on – having found to like Facebook and heard rumors of the its next model falling short.

Well, on Wednesday night the trial ended, and I got the new version. Oh, the rumors are right – the new Facebook sucks. The social utility gets criticized all the time, for things like restricting user freedom, having once-revolutionary but now outdated news feeds, and its spam-like applications. Now it seems to have taken a step backwards.

The most consistent criticism is how disorganized profile pages seem now because of Facebook’s attempt at the Web 2.0 feel of rounded edges and fewer borders. Their news feed got lamer and muddier, as pages were broken into various tabs.

There is also wide criticism of truly specific design flaws that go beyond me.

Another critic rightly points out that Facebook seems to be taking on Twitter (follow me) with a more dominant “What are you doing?” box and concurs about the loose-feel of pages. There also is a lot of criticism over their use of white space.

Best criticisms of new Facebook:

Justin Cox

Stanley Tang

We are not Freelancers

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3 thoughts on “The new Facebook sucks”

  1. Hey man, agreed new facebook sucks.

    I was able to simply click back to the “old” facebook.

    Have you tried this?

  2. I was and did, but didn’t see that before today. Perhaps I just missed it, though I had at least the notion that the complaints forced the option. Thanks for reading and the thought.

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