Congratulations, President Obama

It will be an event I will tell my children about. John McCain wasn’t running as John McCain.

Unfairly, unjustly untruly or not, it seemed the media – particularly in Europe, from my experience – wanted Barack Obama in the office.

He has been anointed as part of a great achievement of American freedom. As a supporter of the U.S. president, I hope he can do it. But he has to exceed the level of excitement around him that prompted one supporter to tell a CNN TV camera: “you hear about people seeing Ghandi and Martin Luther King…”

I am worred for anyone who has already mistaken Obama for a revolutionary or civil rights legend. He is a young, bright, engaging, organized leader who just became leader of the free world-elect.

Because he is following such an unpopular president and taking control at such a time of upheaval. One would think his reputation can only blossom.

But I will be interested to see if an engaged media and white liberal comedians and reporters – who are at least as conscious of Obama’s race as his supporters – challenge him.

Photo from CBC News.