My 2017 Resolutions

My resolutions this year are taking a more personal tone.

  • January: Say No — Drop projects, protect my time.
  • February: Read WOC Monthly — I’ll pursue writers of color I don’t know well yet.
  • March: Recommit to Duolingo — I want to return to the Spanish language learning tool I’ve enjoyed.
  • April: Published Project — I have a pair of writing projects I want to push forward.
  • May: Max my investments — I need to get smart about how I invest, dropping stocks and options and go more traditional. I’m feeling the retirement planning bug, even if I’m 35 years from there.
  • June: Domestic trip — Keep the tradition alive.
  • July: Launch a Product — I want to learn about launching a prototype.
  • August: International trip — Where to this year?
  • September: Story Shuffle Podcast — I will do something with the storytelling event I’ve hosted for years.
  • October: Newsletter Growth — I’m playing with a personal newsletter, now I want to expand who is reading it.
  • November: Finish Basement Plan — Let’s do something with my big empty basement.
  • December: Host Family Christmas — Wouldn’t that be nice?

30×30: 30 things I’m proud I did before I turned 30

I like lists. I find them motivating and easy to understand. It’s a structure to limit and highlight, whether they be daily to-do lists or curated honors or resolutions — both personal and professional. I also like somewhat arbitrary milestones to serve as an opportunity to review my progress to the goals I have. It’s the same reason why I celebrated my 10,000th day alive.

Here’s another. I turn 30 this week and have used that as a reason to feel good about what I’ve done so far.

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My proudest professional outcomes of 2015

I want to keep developing as a small business owner and leader.

That’s why I keep track of my professional goals each year — in addition to personal resolutions. This past year was no different. Most of those goals involve my company Technically Media but not all.

Below see what I’m most proud of having accomplished in 2015.

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Here’s what I accomplished professionally in 2013

Setting aside personal resolutions, I also wanted to take a look at some of my professional accomplishments of the year. (Find my 2012 professional milestones here.)

I took a month-by-month look at 2013 to get a sense of my year, always striving for having a bigger impact than the year before.

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2012 professional milestones

It was a good year.

My 2012 professional resolutions with a focus on RISK; review 2011 goals

A year ago, I felt scattered. I wanted to focus in 2011, and I think, as a full-time employee of my own business with clearer goals and objectives, I have accomplished that.

As detailed below, I feel very proud of the success I had in meeting my professional resolutions for the year. So, it’s important to me that I do so again, which I also did below.

In them, I’d say the theme for my 2012 is RISK.

It’s time to risk fast or succeed for me professionally. I want to be more aggressive in business and outreach, now with a more stable company and clearer focus.

I’ll set goals to do so, but it’s also worth reviewing what has been a wonderful year. Here are some professional milestones not included in my planned resolutions below:

Below, see my 2012 resolutions and a review of how I did with my 2011 goals too.

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