John McCain, surprisingly Liberal

I saw an attack advertisement run by a political action committee that could only speak to the seeming electability of John McCain anytime outside of primary season.

The issue, of course, is that since Ronald Reagan’s tenure, the national Republican Party has been more able to rally behind a single candidate than the Democrats, like McCain supporting his occasional rival George W. Bush after losing to him in the 2000 primary. Of course, the exceptions come when a charismatic Democrat has energized the disparate party voters, many of whom have no whims about skipping out on an election, like Bill Clinton.

Philly super delegate endorses Obama

bill-clinton-carol-ann-campbell.jpgCarol Ann Campbell, one of Philadelphia’s super delegates and a city Democratic committee cog, has endorsed Barack Obama after a conversation with the candidate’s wife, the Associated Press is reporting.

Previously, the former City Councilwoman had said she wouldn’t endorse either candidate before it came time to cast her vote (assuming it will be necessary) in order that she not burn bridges. Her mind was changed by a 90 minute conversation with Michelle Obama, Barack’s wife who is just about charming everyone in sight.

Indeed, it was generally considered that Campbell was a Clinton supporter before the conversation, according to the LA Times. As previously posted, the tide is surely turning on the Democratic side of things.

Understand the Democratic vote through dance

Are you having difficulty understanding why Barack Obama is soaring and Hillary Clinton is drowning in Democratic Party primaries and caucuses all of sudden? Do you love to watch politicians dance or talk about the importance of dance education? Well, boy, do I have a post for you.

See, I have summed up the recent dynamic in the Democratic Party through something we all understand… dancing.

Online searches for Barack and Hillary dancing come up with two distinctly different interpretations ensue. Seriously, watch, you’ll get it.

The diary of a mad, black, super delegate

carol-campbell.jpgAmericans. Who the hell knows what a super delegate is? Even if you do, you don’t really. Primary season can be about as labyrinthine as.. well, as every other element to the broken, patchwork voting system that elects leaders in the most powerful country in the world.

Thing is, they could end up being awfully important, if Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama continue to run tightly through to this summer’s Democratic Convention – which almost all are concluding they will. See, if the primary season doesn’t choose a presumptive candidate, then the Party’s 796 super delegates decide for them, as was displayed in an interesting report by the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Larry Eichel. No surprise, Philadelphia’s representatives in this game are voices of the city’s Democratic machine, notably Carol Ann Campbell, the city party’s secretary, former councilwoman, and resident caricature.

Campbell has said she isn’t saying who she supports yet, as the Inquirer’s Heard in the Halls blog reported. Another noted machine rep who is a super delegate is Ron Donatucci, a Temple University alumus and trustee, the city’s register of wills and has also served as the city commitee’s secretary. The city’s other superdelegates are senior elected officials, like U.S. Reps. Chaka Fattah, Bob Brady and Allyson Schwartz, Sen. Casey and Gov. Rendell. (Photo courtesy of City Paper, from an article that is referenced in this post)

Kazaam: Everything is the same

kazaam-frnt.jpgGood movies come to resolution after a heightened climax.

With the stage of Super Tuesday coming to a close and no clear Democratic winner coming out on top, the presidential primary season has all the high drama of Shaquille O’Neal’s Oscar worthy portrayal of a “rappin’ genie with an attitude” in the 1996 classic Kazaam.

Though Hillary Clinton is winning in the delegates column, no one is putting Clinton over Barack Obama with any sense of assuredness.

John McCain came out on top for the GOP, but, let’s face it, his competition was Martin Sheen’s stunt double from ‘The West Wing‘ and Chuck Norris’ running mate.

Your new source for political definitions


If you don’t know what ‘Super Tuesday’ is or question what that acronym ‘GOTV’ stands for, don’t worry, your prayers are answered., one of the most trusted sources on the internet – used by University of Penn grad students and Inquirer reporters – has taken on the political.Its two most recently added definitions are the two phrases previously mentioned, meaning that you can finally go to the same place to find out what ‘Billary’ means as you can for definitions like “Air Conditioner Booty.”

Worst Super Tuesday Youtube videos

If a momentous day approaches, in today’s world that always means there are plenty of hilarious nonsense that people with lots of time on their hands post on Youtube. This can only mean one responsible, mature thing can be done. Display, vote and choose the worst video posted!!

Here are my three favorites, in a scale of ‘good-God-I-want-those-precious-moments-of-my-life-back.”

“CitizenTube” entered a Youtube contest and knew the best way to get anyone interested in politics is techno music. Thank you, “CitizenTube,” thank you.

I want to make fun of “LILVOKA” but this video has already been viewed more than 80,000 times! Are 80,000 bloggers posting him in their own blogs for its own sheer innocent ridiculousness!? Who is “LILVOKA” talking to!?

You couldn’t have a contest like this without a Ron Paul Revolutionary. This cat’s beard is good, the art is great but seriously, doesn’t this video look like something before you drink the Kool Aid?