Barack Obama: from untouchable deity to struggling politician

I’ll say it.

I read a really on-point, interesting column in, seriously, the New York Times. ..I have joined semi-literate whites everywhere.

David Brooks took on Sen. Barack Obama, how the man had been raised on high as the messiah of U.S. politics and is now struggling with those unfair expectations.

See, Republicans are more known for quick primaries and getting behind a unified candidate, as has played out with Sen. John McCain. Now, McCain is sitting back, raising money and preparing for a general election, though some think it leaves the candidate less competitive.

On the other hand, big tent Democrat politics are more open to larger, longer and more competitive primaries. The thought is it sharpens the candidate, but, as Brooks wrote, this may be an exception.

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John McCain ad: oh, you like Roosevelt and Churchill, too?

John McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee for President, has released a sexy new TV advertisement.

In what critics are calling the biggest surprise of all, McCain splits his face time on the ad with such obscure names as Teddy Roosevelt and Winston Churchhill, who are coincidentally perhaps the two most beloved independent conservatives who aren’t abhorred by centrist and even left of center voters and students of history.

It is a strike at putting McCain in that category. There is little question that that will be a common theme throughout the coming election, is John McCain the straight shooting/talking, populist man of the people (i.e., President Roosevelt the senior and Churchill) or is he a hawkish, opportunistic hack.

God and politics in Lynchburg, Tennessee

This video is typical puffy shirted yuppie goes to the South to make someone with an accent seem stupid. It is unfair, and harmful and… undeniably amusing. …But damn it if I am not at least somewhat against it.

See what two women, and a teenager, think about Barack Obama and the bible.

I saw this video on the Clog, the news blog of Philadelphia CityPaper.