A video tribute to George Washington's birthday

Today, Feb. 22, is the 276th anniversary of George Washington, the dude who is recognized as the first president of the United States. Good for him.He is dead now, though, died Dec. 14, 1799, according to my calendar. Still, he died a long time ago, so it isn’t that sad. Let’s celebrate him with, perhaps, a decidedly strange song in his honor?

I saw this on Digidigidigi on President’s Day.

Stuff white people like

Every once in a while you come across something so hilarious that it is bound to bewhite-guy.jpg something you would never want your name associated with. Still, the blog Stuff White People Like is worth mentioning, particularly a post that nails the concept beyond all others.

So much of my travel experiences have taught me this valuable, valuable lesson.

I didn’t read all of them, but I sure hope ‘having minority friends’ is one of them. White people collect black/Asian/Hispanic/Indian/U.S. Census form “Other” friends like baseball cards.

John McCain, surprisingly Liberal

I saw an attack advertisement run by a political action committee that could only speak to the seeming electability of John McCain anytime outside of primary season.

The issue, of course, is that since Ronald Reagan’s tenure, the national Republican Party has been more able to rally behind a single candidate than the Democrats, like McCain supporting his occasional rival George W. Bush after losing to him in the 2000 primary. Of course, the exceptions come when a charismatic Democrat has energized the disparate party voters, many of whom have no whims about skipping out on an election, like Bill Clinton.

My travel videos on AOL

I spent a semester living and studying in Tokyo, Japan last fall. While there, I  blogged, photographed and videotaped my experiences for the pilot season of an online-only show by NBC called JYA, Junior Year Abroad.

I just got word from the show’s producer that it has been posted on a new NBC  digital media Web site, Hulu.com.

Through it, major media companies can license the content.

As result, today AOL has done just that, posting my videos, in addition to those of the other cast members. See it here.Check out my most popular video, chronicling my scaling Mount Fuji, Japan’s tallest peak, on my own, on a whim, unprepared.

Philly super delegate endorses Obama

bill-clinton-carol-ann-campbell.jpgCarol Ann Campbell, one of Philadelphia’s super delegates and a city Democratic committee cog, has endorsed Barack Obama after a conversation with the candidate’s wife, the Associated Press is reporting.

Previously, the former City Councilwoman had said she wouldn’t endorse either candidate before it came time to cast her vote (assuming it will be necessary) in order that she not burn bridges. Her mind was changed by a 90 minute conversation with Michelle Obama, Barack’s wife who is just about charming everyone in sight.

Indeed, it was generally considered that Campbell was a Clinton supporter before the conversation, according to the LA Times. As previously posted, the tide is surely turning on the Democratic side of things.

Understand the Democratic vote through dance

Are you having difficulty understanding why Barack Obama is soaring and Hillary Clinton is drowning in Democratic Party primaries and caucuses all of sudden? Do you love to watch politicians dance or talk about the importance of dance education? Well, boy, do I have a post for you.

See, I have summed up the recent dynamic in the Democratic Party through something we all understand… dancing.

Online searches for Barack and Hillary dancing come up with two distinctly different interpretations ensue. Seriously, watch, you’ll get it.

Obama as the front runner

barack-obama-bw.pngCan we call it? Probably not, but it seems like Senator Barack Obama is the Democratic Party candidate of the people. Obama is on the cover of the Economist, the authoritative  international news magazine, and Hillary Clinton’s campaign seems to be swinging wildly.

The trouble may be that this surge has come too late. If Obama fails to reach the delegate count he needs to win his party’s nomination before the end of the primaries in June, the whole process gets thrown to super delegates, 796 Democratic Party machinists, who most analysts think would be more likely to support Hillary than the average voter.

All that said, much is made of polls that suggest Obama has a better chance of John McCain, who has all but taken the Republican nomination. Indeed, if Hillary can be vilified, McCain, for his part, sure can piss of Christian conservatives and other right wing elements.

Obama comes out the cleanest in today’s standings, but, as noted in most every news source, the reason he comes out the cleanest – less of a voting record, focus on ‘hope’ – may also be his downfall – inexperienced and impractical.


A friend showed me an absolute gem on YouTube. In the 1970s, a narrator apparently recorded an alternate voice over for a public service announcement about AFSCME, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees. Anyone have any thoughts on this?