Martin Heidegger and other sexy reading to be had

heidegger.jpgheidegger.jpgSo, during my career at Temple University, I have come across old Martin Heidegger a few times. The famed, respected and influential 20th century German philosopher is about as interesting as philosophy gets, when you pick out the good parts beyond the dry, heavy prose of translated intellectualism from a half century or more ago.

So, after a professor brought up his name again, I submitted some synthesizing of his work for the class, which I was proud enough to post in the academic portion of this site.

Martin Heidegger was born poor and Catholic in a rural village of southern Germany. Believers in fate will know that he was destined to go to university, take academic ranks in Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist Party, fall out of favor, regain a position of scholarly authority and become, today, one of the most highly regarded philosophic minds of the 20th Century.

This is a short excerpt. To read the rest of this piece and other writing, go here.

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