More notes on what I’ve learned about writing

Every year or so, I’ve gathered enough of a collection of notes and perspective and general writing about writing that I want to share here. This is especially geared toward creative and fiction writing, which is decidedly not what I am professionally trained in.

But I’ve always thought of myself as professional writer first, and so I routinely invest time in reading about process.

Below find some links and perspective that I share here likely more for me than anyone.


The difference between developmental editing and copyediting


Here are some things I’ve learned about being a better writer

Control of plot is essential — Knowing the difference between something happening because of something else or just happening after something else helps you develop an understanding that stories are remembered for plot, not characters. As Alexander Chee puts it: “A single grand action unifies a story more than a single person, the characters memorable for the parts they play inside it.”

The 4 Story Structures that Dominate Novels

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