How I’ve improved my diet and eating habits

my company’s health insurance covers working with a nutritionist so i took advantage of that the last year. it’s part of me trying to inch my way toward being healthier in my 30s. she helped improve some of my habits.

1. portion control, have a little less the first time and then think twice before having seconds, stop when i’m full

2. every other — foods i love most but are worst for me, like french fries and potato chips, i won’t ever give up, but i do try to have them every other time than i normally would, opting for the side salad or baby carrots

3. special occasions — i try to not get pizza or drink soda unless at a party or celebrating. it allows me to have what i love, but limits in a healthy way. i also don’t actually keep chips in the house anymore

4. invest in produce — eating healthier is expensive. i’ve all but decided upon a blank check for fresh foods and local produce that force me to eat far healthier than when i’m not.

5. have a go to health food — habit drives bad eating because the unhealthy stuff is hwat we often know best and can do most easily, so have seasonal go tos for food. in the summer, smoothies and giant salads are favorites.

6. seasons — move on from foods so you don’t get sick of them.

7. cut the sugar — fortunately i already drink coffee black but she helped push me to drop the sugary teas i would sometimes have at home. i also stopped having orange juice in the house.

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