5 best read posts I published here in 2017

I’ve made clear I don’t really publish here for the biggest audience. My first priority is to think through or track ideas for myself, with the added benefit of being able to share with those who follow along or who are interested in individual topics.

But I tend to find it interesting to share a few posts that were best read this year, setting aside several that do quite well in search traffic and so out perform. All of these were (essentially) published in 2017.

  1. Why it took 8 years for me to become CEO of my own company
  2. I turned 30 and fell out of shape. Here’s what I did about it
  3. New Sincerity is the answer to snarky post-modern web culture
  4. I use these 8 web tools more than any others at work
  5. With $1.67M in 2016 income, here’s what I learned with Technically Media

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