History Channel: America, The Story of Us

Happy Fourth of July.

A couple weekends ago, while filing a lot of copy, I was engrossed in the 12-part History Channel documentary called America: The Story of Us.

It reminded me of what the History Channel does best. In a world where the access to information is endless, the context of that information was powerful.

I found myself wildly following up for greater detail on a handful of historical happenings that weren’t connected enough to my understanding of how we came to be.

I will say that, being an obsessive or not, I was a little disappointed by how little Philadelphia was referenced. Despite its role as major manufacturing hub and, of course, foundational historical setting, just one mention of Philadelphia came up in the 12 hour-long episodes. Of course, New York City, where the History Channel is based, was the perspective through which all urban stories were told. Ugh.

Here it is, the lone mention of Philadelphia, a passing call to its place of the writing of the Declaration of Independence.

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