Back on My Feet presence online ten months later

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Today is my final day serving as the Media Director of homeless advocacy nonprofit Back on My Feet, after first joining in mid-January 2010.

Social media is just one of five major areas of responsibility, as I noted in my resignation notice here, so much of the growth and direction came in the first three months of my time here.

So, there is much more I could have done in this space, but I wanted to debrief specifically on this area of my work:

At the beginning of February:

  • 758 Facebook friends, regularly updated, comments and messages growing
  • 1,700 Facebook members across three groups: Philly, Baltimore and D.C. (Details here.)
  • 610 Twitter followers,¬†185 overall tweets, dozens of running conversations
  • 15,187 email addresses in our Constant Contact database for monthly newsletters

At the beginning of December:

  • 1,720 Facebook friends on an account that still needs to be fully transitioned out of use.
  • 2,600 Facebook Likes (631 national; 421 Philly; 351 Baltimore; 446 D.C.; 507 Boston; 231 Chicago; also pages for four 2011 expansion cities)
  • 1,225 Twitter followers, 1,371 tweets, 93 listed
  • 50,325 email addresses in our Constant Contact database for monthly newsletters, including chapter specific lists.

Return on Investment: (’cause you better be sure use of social media makes sense for you and it might not)

  • Our social media strategy ties integrally into our mission as an organization. We use Twitter and Facebook to focus primarily on building an online community of support, through consistency and conversation.
  • We use Youtube, Picasa and our blog to more richly tell the stories of our members, our volunteers and the work we all do together.
  • Our blog and social media became a central point for conversation, promotion, discovery and networking. We now have dozens of examples of race leaders, donors, fundraisers and supporters who found our organization because of our conversation.
  • We have testimonials speaking to the power of our sharing our member stories helped connect them to our organization’s mission.
  • In competing with four other nonprofits, including Livestrong, to divvy up $25,000 as part of the Almond Breeze Taste Challenge according to votes, Back on My Feet received nearly 30 percent of response or $8,000.
  • In a similar voting contest, Back on My Feet won the top prize of $5,000 in the Stonyfield Blogging Barnstorming contest.

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