Fishtown Spirit: A neighborhood photographer wants more neighborhood support

A portrait of romance as captured by Keith Angelitis.

My first clip for the Fishtown Spirit ran in last Thursday’s issue, and my second ran yesterday.

Keith Angelitis just started a fire in the front room of his Frankford Avenue studio. He has a jacket on and a ball cap pulled over his ruffled brown hair. Big front windows welcome the sunlight that pours in and fills his 15-foot ceilings.

He is relaxing in a wooden chair, a prominent member of an otherwise sparsely furnished room, warmed by an old wood-burning stove. In the corner is an over-sized closet that Angelitis built during the beginning of his continuous renovation of 2452 Frankford Ave. Read more here.

Below the scoop on why I got involved with the Spirit.

Some people join a bridge club. When I move into a neighborhood, I find out how people get their news and information and try to get involved.

I bought a house in the Philadelphia riverward neighborhood of Fishtown last month, so of course I’ll use the Fishtown Spirit — one of two local weeklies — for some extra cash and, more important, the chance to meet people in my new neighborhood.  Since spring 2004, the Spirit is the only newsweekly based in the neighborhood — its major competitor the Star was purchased by the Inquirer‘s parent company and its headquarters were moved to suburban Trevose, Pa.

After moving in, I reached out to Maryanne Milligan, the Spirit’s editor whom I had interviewed for a story I did for the Inquirer, she connected me with the first story — which ran below the fold on the front page of last week’s issue.

Perhaps more to come.

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