Metro: Double-byline front page on wrongful firing

Daniel Bryant outside the Chop Shop on Temple University's Main Campus. Photo by Rikard Larma for Metro.
The complainant outside the Chop Shop on Temple University's Main Campus. Photo by Rikard Larma for Metro.

I reported on a wrongful termination suit and received a double-byline, front-page story in today’s Metro in Philadelphia.

[He] wears women’s clothes because he says they better show off his feminine features.

Read the rest here. The Metro story has been kicked offline, but you can find coverage in the Inquirer here. Pick up a copy if you’re in town and can find it. Below I have some quotations from the owner accused of the wrongful termination below.

Kathy Thomas, owner Chop Shop hairdressing chain in Philadelphia

  • “I don’t care what he wore, so long as it covered him.” I sent him home for wearing Daisy Dukes, “‘Go Home,’ I told him. but I didn’t fire him then.”
  • “Of all people to sue over something like this, it shouldn’t be me,” she said, noting she is Korean and very tolerant.
  • She says the gentleman had a client who wanted her eyebrows waxed in their South Street store, but the wax station was closed. So, he invited her to have them done in Strands, where he was also working.
    “That’s why he was fired,” she said.
  • “His story sounds good and news worthy,” she said. “But this has nothing to do with how he dressed.”

I was asked to interview Thomas on the Temple campus, where I was because of another story I was following up on.

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  1. I would just like to say that a) kathy never sent me home she had a manager do it. B) i was never sent home for wearing daisy dukes because i never wore nor do I own any. I was sent home for wearing heels and c) the south st.chop shop did not have a wax station when I worked there because they never offered that service. and D) I was fired because I filed a discrimination suit and Kathy found out earlier that day.

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