Your online videos: where to upload them

Where should your videos be uploaded and hosted online?

I was having a bear of a time with this decision for a new venture that I will announce in coming months.

What it comes down to is that it really matters what you want to do with it.

Don’t think there is only one solution to the question.

Here’s a great review by DV Guru of 10 of the most popular sites online (compare them with a simpler, less extensive review of five of them here).

Movavi has a nice chart highlighting the point that your purpose should dictate what service, you use.

I actively use Youtube personally because of the site’s popularity. Of the others, I might otherwise personally use Vimeo because I am not necessarily desperate for views, instead I’m searching for a clean player to host and post here.

However, for a more business-related venture, Youtube can be used as a promotional tool far and away better than the others, but content producers need to be wary of ownership agreements. For podcasting purposes, Blip.TV offers a variety of options through ITunes and other podcatching servers.

More on this as I introduce some other projects.

Any thoughts? What service do you use and why?

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3 thoughts on “Your online videos: where to upload them”

  1. Why not use I’ve been using it for over a year to publish my weekly video show, it lets you upload your video file once, and then publish it to any number of popular sites. I think right now, mine go to Viddler, Vimeo, Myspace, YouTube, and a handful of others.

    Once you upload, it pulls in all the embed codes from the various destinations, so you can choose which one to embed on your site, and then it’ll also pull in stats from the various sites, and present them in a graph for you.

  2. Ricky:
    I think that is a fair point. I have checked out TubeMogul, but I suppose I was interested in seeing if there is any real difference or preference between the many varied video sites. It seems almost unsustainable to just put them everywhere, but a good point nonetheless. Thanks for it. Hope you’ll keep reading.

  3. Right, if you’re looking to monetize, it’s clearly not the best option. I do my videos mainly for fun, though they all point back to my site (, which *is* monetized, so the more eyeballs, the better.

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