No love from my alma mater for UWire 100


Ow, that hurts.

My very good buddy Sean Blanda was named among the 100 best young journalists in the country. And, rightly, so, got a nod on the front page of Temple University’s School of Communications homepage.

I was gleeful over getting the same nod – a place on the UWire 100. So where’s my love?

Now, I do have to be fair. I did not graduate with a journalism degree. That’s true.

But I’d figure Temple’s journalism school would want, like any other, to claim as many “honorees” as they can. It was hard to miss me, I was even quoted in Seany’s profile. I didn’t make the cut, though, when it came to SCT boasting.

Also, I was an editor with The Temple News, the celebrated college newspaper of that university, that has to be considered a driving force in promotion for the school’s journalism program.

Is this petty? Of course it is petty!

But don’t worry, this got more of a laugh than much of a whine out of me.

That’s because I am apparently developing a long history with Temple University when it comes to half-starts, half-honors and good, old-fashioned kicks in the balls.

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